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ANTHONY BKeith Blair (born 31 March 1976, Trelawny Parish, Jamaica), better known by the stage name Anthony B, is a Jamaican deejay and member of the Rastafari movement.

Blair grew up in rural Clark’s Town in the northwestern parish of Trelawny in Jamaica. His deeply religious family life (his mother was a Seventh-day Adventist and his grandmother a Revivalist) imbued him with a profound spirituality. During his youth, his favourite singers were reggae legends Bob Marley and Peter Tosh, musicians who strongly influenced his own style.[3] Peter Tosh’s influence can definitely be heard in Anthony B’s vocal delivery and revolutionary stance.

Anthony B adopted Rastafari movement beliefs as a teenager, a decision which was not well received by his family. The stubborn and determined Anthony B refused to give up his new religion and his dreadlocks and moved to the home of his aunt and uncle in the Kingston suburb, Portmore. He is a member of the Bobo Ashanti branch of the movement. “Bobo Dreads”, as they are known, are recognisable by their long robes and turbans. The strong Afrocentric pride and the other Rastafarian beliefs (or “overstandings” as Rastafarians prefer to call them) are reflected in his songs.

While attending high school, Anthony B debuted as a deejay for the local sound system, Shaggy Hi-Power. In 1988, he befriended reggae artists such as Determine, Mega Banton, Ricky General and Terror Fabulous.

At this point in the reggae industry, singing “slack” songs about women was the popular thing to do. Anthony B did not believe in degrading women and chose to pen politically slanted songs instead. He collaborated with Little Devon and made his debut single “The Living is Hard” on the Wizard label in 1993. Anthony B tried many different producers before joining with Richard Bell, creating hits such as “Fire Pon Rome”, “Raid Di Barn”, “Rumour”, and “Repentance Time”.

In late 1997, Anthony B released Universal Struggle, followed by a large number of albums since including 1999’s Seven Seals, 2003’s Street Knowledge, 2004’s Untouchable which featured collaborations with artists including Wyclef Jean, Snoop Dogg & Bone Crusher, 2005’s Black Star plus My Hope, and more recently, Life Over Death (2008).

In January 2013, he was charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute after being stopped in Georgia, United States due to illegally tinted windows in the vehicle in which he was travelling; He subsequently had to cancel several shows in South America as he was not allowed to travel outside the US.

In July 2013 he released Tribute to Legends, an album of cover versions of songs by artists such as Bob Marley, The Maytals, John Lennon, Ray Charles, Elvis Presley, and Ini Kamoze; Speaking of the album, he stated “I chose to make a tribute album to firstly show how much these legends influence my music and my life”.

Anthony B tours extensively in Europe, South America, North America, Australia, Asia and Africa.

Talking of his faith and music, Anthony B commented, “When we say ‘burn fire’ we don’t mean take a match and light somebody, we are saying get rid of these things that are no good for humanity”.

In 2016, Anthony B release a new album, Tears Of Luv on his label Born Fire Music and collaborate with various producer around the world.



Predator & Prey (1996, Alpha Enterprises)

Real Revolutionary – UK / So Many Things – US (1996, Greensleeves)

Universal Struggle (1997, VP Records)

Seven Seals (1999, VP Records)

That’s Life (2001, VP Records)

More Love (2001, AO ! Records)

Live on the Battlefield (2002, Jahmin’ Records)

Street Knowledge (2003, VP Records)

Judgment Time (2003, 2B1 Records)

Smoke Free (2003, Bogalusa Records)

Voice of Jamaica vol. 2 (2003, Nocturne)

Wise Man Chant (2004, Black Scorpio)

Justice Fight (2004, Nocturne)

Untouchable (2004, Togetherness Records)

Powers of Creation (2004, Nocturne)

Black Star (2005, Greensleeves)

My Hope (2005, AL.TA.FA.AN. / Minor 7 Flat 5)

Confused Times (2005, Penitentiary)

Gather and Come (2006 Penitentiary)

Suffering Man (2006 Tad’s Records)

Higher Meditation (2007 Greensleeves)

True Rastaman (2008 Penitentiary Records)

Life Over Death (2008 Born Fire)

Rise Up (2009 Greensleeves)

Rasta Love (2011 Born Fire)

Freedom Fighter (2012 Irievibrations)

Choices (2012)

My2K Vol. 1 (2013 Born Fire)

Tribute to Legends (2013 Born Fire)

Tears of Luv (2015 Born Fire)

Anthony B (2016)


Chanting Down Babylon (1997, Power Play); live, with Buju Banton

2 Strong (1998, Star Trail/VP Records); with Sizzla

Anthony B & Idren (1998, Jamaican Vibes)

Anthony B & Friends (1998, Rhino Records)

Nazarene Vow (1999, Records Factory); with Junior Timba

3 Wise Men (1999, J&D); with Sizzla and Luciano

One Mission (1999, J&D); with Capleton

Saddle to the East (2001, Brick Wall); with Jah Mason and Steve Machete

4 Rebels (2001, VP Records); with Sizzla, Luciano, and Yami Bolo

The Five Disciples (2001, Penitentiary / Jet Star); with Sizzla, Luciano, Junior Kelly, and Capleton

We Three Kings (2001, AO ! Records); with Sizzla

We Three Kings (2002, Navarre); with Capleton and Luciano

Four The Hard Way (2002, City Hall); with Capleton, Sizzla, and Luciano

Kings of Zion (2002, Jet Star); with Capleton, Sizzla, and Junior Kelly

Reggae Max (2002, Jet Star)

5 Blazing Fires (2002, Fire Ball); with Admiral Tibbett, Sizzla, Capleton, Positive Jayz and Michael Fabulous

Five Disciples Part II (2003, Jet Star); with Capleton, Luciano, Sizzla, and Jr. Kelly

Kings of Zion vol. 3 (2005, Charm); with Capleton, Sizzla, and Turbulence

Jah Warriors vol. III (2005, Penitentiary); with Luciano

The Pow Pow Trilogy (2008, Pow Pow); with Turbulence and Jah Mason

Encore (2010)

NYC-2-Africa (2010, Suatomic Sound); with Subatomic Sound System, Nomadic Wax, Jahdan Blakkamoore, and Bajah

ISRAEL VIBRATIONIsrael Vibration are a reggae harmony group, originaly from Kingston, Jamaica. Lascelle « Wiss » Bulgin, Albert « Apple Gabriel » Craig, and Cecil « Skelly » Spence all overcame childhood polio, and went on to be one of the most successful roots groups to form in Jamaica in the 1970s. The trio initially met as children at a rehabilitation center.

Bulgin (born 1955), Craig, and Spence (born 1952) first met as children at the Mona Rehabilitation Clinic, all sufferers of polio in the epidemic that spread through Jamaica in the 1950s, but it was several years later that they formed Israel Vibration. Craig attended the Alpha Boys School but ran away at the age of fourteen, living on the streets. Spence was a member of the band Hot Lickers, appearing on Jamaican television with the group at the age of twelve. He also played in the Jamaican wheelchair basketball team, but was forced out in 1969 after adopting the Rastafarian faith, something which the three had in common when they were later reunited.

Spence and Craig got together in Kingston and sought out Bulgin, who at the time was working as a tailor. They formed a vocal group, initially adopting the name Israel Vibration Israel Vibrates, soon becoming simply Israel Vibration. They survived on money earned singing in the streets for several years, and in 1975 attempted to launch a recording career at Channel One Studios, but the track they recorded there (« Bad Intention ») was not released.

Funding for their first album came in the form of a grant from the Twelve Tribes of Israel branch of Rastafarai after Hugh Booth, a member of the Twelve Tribes, had overheard the three men singing in a wooded area outside Kingston. Apple and Wiss were living in the area, which they had converted into a home. Recorded at the Treasure Isle studio in 1976, their debut release was the single « Why Worry », released on the Twelve Tribes label late that year. The single was successful enough for the group to be offered support slots at shows by artists such as Dennis Brown, Inner Circle, and Bob Marley.

They then began working with producer Tommy Cowan, releasing « The Same Song » (on which they were backed by members of Inner Circle) on his Top Ranking label in 1977, and an album of the same name followed in 1978.  The album, and its dub counterpart, Israel Tafari (aka Same Song Dub) were a success internationally, leading to a deal with EMI label Harvest to reissue the album in the UK, the label also releasing a second album,Unconquered People in 1980.

For their third album, Why You So Craven (the title track aimed at their former producer Cowan), they worked with Henry « Junjo » Lawes but disagreements meant that they left the album unfinished, with Lawes getting The Tamlins to complete it.

The group relocated to New York in 1982 to seek professional health care, and escape the growing dancehall movement in Jamaica, but struggled to break through there and they split up. They each attempted to launch solo careers, with Bulgin releasing the Mr Sunshine album in 1985, but by 1987 they decided to relaunch Israel Vibration. Having all been turned down when they approached Gary « Dr. Dread » Himmelfarb, founder of RAS Records, during their solo period, they received a positive response when they approached him as a group. They were flown to Washington, D.C. to record a new album at the Lion and Fox Recording Studios in College Park, Maryland, backed by the Roots Radics. Strength of my Life was the group’s fourth album. The band stayed with RAS into the 21st century, releasing more than a dozen albums for the label.

In 1997, Apple Gabriel left the group to pursue a solo career, releasing the album Another Moses in 1999.  Skelly and Wiss continue to record albums and tour the world as Israel Vibration, backed by longtime associates Roots Radics. In December 2014 they were reportedly recording a new album set for release in early 2015. The new album, entitled « Play It Real » was released on 31 March 2015 via Utopia

MYKAL ROSEFor over 25 years, Michael Rose has been recording and performing his brand of militant, hardcore Jamaican music to the delight of reggae fans around the world. As a solo artist, with Black Uhuru, and back as a solo artist, the “Ruff” Rose has achieved great success throughout his career, even as different Jamaican musical styles have phased in and out of popularity.

perhaps the highest profile recognition came in 1984, when Michael Rose and the other Black Uhuru members (Duckie Simpson, Puma Jones, Sly Dunbar, and Robbie Shakespeare) won reggae’s first Grammy award for the album, Anthem. But the story doesn’t begin with Black Uhuru. In 1976, Michael Rose was already a seasoned performer, having honed his skills by performing on Jamaica’s hotel circuit. When an early incarnation of Black Uhuru (Ducky Simpson and Errol Nelson) approached Michael to join the group, he already had several solo singles to his credit. These include the original “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner” and “Clap the Barber,” both recorded for producer Niney The Observer, and “Running Around” for Winston Campbell.

Black Uhuru’s first full length was released in 1977 and called Love Crisis. It was produced by King Jammy (then Prince Jammy), and the big hit of the album was “I Love King Selassie.” But it was not until the Showcase album was released in 1980-with a new lineup of Michael Rose, Duckie Simpson, and Puma Jones-that Black Uhuru reached their creative peak. Heartbeat reissued the set on CD (Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner, HB 18), which includes the massive 12″ singles “Shine Eye Gal,” “General Penitentiary,” “Plastic Smile,” and of course, “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner.” At the forefront of the recordings and live shows was the charismatic Michael Rose, who had incredible stage presence and a vocal style all his own. So popular was his trademark sound that singers like Don Carlos, Junior Reid, Yami Bolo, and others embraced it as the “Waterhouse” sound.

Throughout the first half of the 1980s, Black Uhuru continued their success with albums on Island Records-Sinsemilla, Red, Chill Out, and Anthem, along with compilations, dub albums, and live albums. They became the best-known reggae act since Bob Marley, and won the first reggae Grammy for Anthem in 1984. Even today, Island continues to capitalize on the group’s success by re-compiling and re-releasing the group’s Island years material.

With lead singer Michael Rose seemingly at the top of his game, he parted ways with Black Uhuru, with the intention of redefining his musical direction as a solo artist. In the early 1990s, Michael Rose suddenly appeared on the scene with new material including Jamaican singles produced by Sly & Robbie (“Monkey Business,” “Visit Them,” “One a We Two a We”), and three albums (Proud, Bonanza, and King of General) released in Japan.

As a solo artist, Michael regularly tours the U.S. and Europe, and has maintained his Jamaican fan base with hit singles on the island and abroad. He is a modern roots singer, and fits perfectly into today’s scene. With a glorious past and a wide-open future, Michael Rose is truly a reggae superstar.

RANDY VALENTINEVersatile singer / songwriter/ producer RONALD JUNIOR FRITZ (aka RANDY VALENTINE) hails from country sides of Clarendon in Jamaica. As a child growing up he was heavily influenced by his fathers love for music, which was expressed mostly via a sound sytem that his father owned called SHINING STAR SOUND.

He started off his music career in 2005 (2 years after emigrating with his family to the UK) as a local DJ, where he used to perform in clubs in and out of London which led to him working for two years on a online Radio Station SWITCH 106 where he went by the moniker DJ KWES.

In 2008, he started producing with the london-based J.O.A.T production team after meeting KEVIN ABABIO in the corridors of the hospital that he was working in at the time. Several years later (in 2010) they met and joined forces with GARY “RIGA” BURKE (Management) from the swiss based independent label HEMP HIGHER PRODUCTIONS, in an effort to focus more on RV’s vocal talents and potential career as an artist.

RANDY VALENTINE’s career has been growing from strength to strength since the release of his debut mixtape “Bring back the love” in 2012 where he sang over 13 tracks – all built upon STUDIO ONE Riddims, such as “Stalag Riddim”, “Bobby Babylon Riddim”, “Lecturer Riddim” and more… Since then, it has been described by some to be a Reggae Classic.

The official “R-V-LUTION SUMMER TOUR 2013” was one of the biggest reggae tours for a debut reggae artist and saw him perform over 20 shows in more than 10 different European countries.

After the success of his first official EP “Break The chain” (HEMP HIGHER PROD 2014), he confirmed his status as one of the leading young reggae artist as the project topped itunes reggae sales charts in over 9 countries. He has been constantly travelling the world over the past few years, and has accomplished to date:

– European tours (performing at all major reggae festivals including Summerjam, Reggaejam, Reggae GeEl and much more….)
– US media tours (including a promotional live performance at SIRIUS XM and HOT 97
– 1 Central American tour
– 1 Australian tour
– 1 UK tour

His second EP “Still Pushing” (produced by JOE ARIWA, son of legendary MAD PROFESSOR) was released the following year in 2015, and went straight to the top of the Itunes reggae charts again – confirming that Randy was not a passing sensation and was definitely here to stay.

2015 was also the year in which Randy started to explore different genres of music, as he featured on MAJOR LAZER’s EP: “Peace is the mission” (No1 on Billboard Dance / Electronic albums), and also collaborated on one of the most talked about musical projects of the year: WU TANG’s unique album copy of “Once upon a time in Shaolin”.

His latest project is a 19 track mixtape entitled “RADIO MUSIC” (which is similar in concept to his debut mixtape) recorded over a series of classic hiphop instrumentals mostly from the late 90’s (often considered one of the “golden ages” of Hip-Hop). When asked why he chose these specific instrumentals his answer was plainly ”They inspire me to inspire others”.

The raptape was premiered to the world end of January on BBC 1XTRA by SEANI B.






GUIDANCE BAND is a powerful force in the new movement of modern roots reggae. Based in Hawaii, their unique brand of island and rock influenced reggae music has gained the attention of audiences worldwide.  Superstars Pato Banton, Half Pint and Winston Jarrett all gave special guest performances on GB debut album “The Trinity.”

Set for release March 27, 2018, the highly anticipated second album “Good Life” features both Grammy award winner Mykal Rose of Black Uhuru and dancehall queen Sister Nancy.  It also features original cover art by the internationally acclaimed artist Mystic Lion.

Childhood friends Keith Batlin and Ryan Brandvold are the founders and songwriters for Guidance Band. Keith and Ryan began performing together with several groups during high school in Hawaii. After graduation they both attended Musicians Institute in Hollywood California. They later moved back to Hawaii as the begining stage of Guidance Band and were soon joined by Tanasa Daniels (Drums), Brandon Hutson (Trombone/Trumpet) and Maurice “Mofessor” Mcconnel (Keyboards). Together they formed the foundation of a world class sound that seems to have no boundaries.

Jah9“Music, if not to give praise unto the Most High, give comfort to the spirit and share truth, would be for vanity, selfish ambition and inevitably amount to naught. So I sing for the King.” – Jah9

Old school blues improvisation, meets hard hitting lyrical prowess, in a rich imaginative blend of vocal clarity and complexity. She sings with a voice that belies the dimensions of her physical body, from a soul much older than its current vessel. Her philosophy is profoundly spiritual, and her style is Jazz on Dub. Her style is Jazz on Dub. She is Janine ‘Jah9’ Cunningham, the third and final addition to the ministry of Reverend and Mrs. Cunningham. Her mission and music are inspired by a resolute reverence, and a determination to inspire and uplift mind and soul.

She spent her childhood in Trelawny, a rural parish on Jamaica’s west coast, rooted in traditional values and a rich cultural heritage. Upon moving with the family to the dog eat dog world of Kingston city life, the innocent writing of a curious youngster transformed into the indignant battle cries of a defiant revolutionary.

Growing up, Jah9 was taught, by example, about Christ as a consciousness, more so than a fearsome man on high who would one day render judgment. Then in University, she not only began her love affair with the heavy basslines and steady drum beats of Dub and Roots music, but also with the teachings of His Majesty. Her evolution was gradual but intensified consistently, resulting in the inevitable surrender of financial security and a “prized” place among Jamaica’s corporate community to the guiding principle of her calling, toward the Kingdom. Now, as a woman, instead of the slaughtered Lamb, the preacher’s daughter hails the Conquering Lion, the Christ with a new name, Haile Selassie I.

Jah9 has refined her craft over decades of singing on every choir available to her. She has also been a staple on Jamaica’s underground poetry and live music scenes. Her vocals resonate with a blend of textures – the emotion of Billie Holiday and Nina Simone, with the sharp cutting edge of Sizzla Kalonji, on top of heavy Dub rhythms akin to Augustus Pablo and King Tubby. The resulting signature sound has led to collaborations with platinum selling producer Donovan Bennett of Don Corleon Records, Sheldon Bernard, and living legend Beres Hammond of Harmony House Music.

Jah9’s debut album – New Name – is her labour of love, a declaration of truth and her testimony of the journey toward self-actualization. The product of a great synergy with renowned Producer and now faithful friend, Rory ‘Stone Love’ Gilligan, New Name is proof that another servant of truth & light has discovered and accepted her mission.

MisaelAttracting audiences of all ages with his original compositions, Misael Gonzalez is currently one of the best known Puerto Rican reggae artists, both nationally and internationally.

He has released different singles as a solo artist including a number of collaborations with artists like Niyorah, Raging Fyah, Pressure Bus Pipe, and one single featured in the album Songbird Riddim from I Grade Records titled “The Power Of Love.”

He has also released three albums as the singer and composer for the band Yerba Bruja, with whom he has traveled throughout the island and abroad.

Additionally, Misael has always collaborated with numerous local bands as vocalist, drummer, producer and songwriter, helping in the upkeeping of  this musical genre and uplifting the quality of Reggae music in Puerto Rico.

Reggae AngelsThe Reggae Angels are a world class roots reggae act based in the San Francisco bay area with a large music catalog of fourteen CD’s. Their latest album Rely On Him was released in October, 2017. The Reggae Angels have been recording and performing conscious roots reggae for over two decades. They recently finished a western US tour co- billing with the Abyssinians.

Rely On Him is serious message music from the Reggae Angels in collaboration with the multi-Grammy award winning legends Sly and Robbie on bass and drums and the Taxi Gang crew featuring Franklyn ‘Bubbler’ Waul on keyboards and the late Ronald “Nambo” Robinson on trombone. Also featured on the album are Dwight Pinkney on guitar and Daniel Casares on alto and tenor sax. The previous Reggae Angels album, The Way was also backed by Sly and Robbie and the Taxi Gang.

Rely On Him is a 12 track album with diverse arrangements, moods and messages. There is also a second 12 track dub album in the package called Fox Dubs Taxi Gang. This is original organic roots reggae at its finest. Rely On Him was recorded by Fenton and Garfield McDonald in Fenton’s recording studio in Oakland, CA called the Workshop. It was mixed and mastered by the world-renown engineer Jim Fox at the Lion and Fox recording Studio in Washington DC. Rely On Him is distributed by Zojak Worldwide and available for purchase on iTunes and a variety of other major online retailers. Physical copies are also available through a variety of traditional retailers.

Rely On Him brings the Reggae Angels catalog from strength to strength. It fires up the listener with its words of wisdom and music. Their music consists of guidance for themselves and others towards righteous living – proverbial words and music.

The Reggae Angels have performed on many US festivals including Reggae in the Hills, The Oroville Rock Reggae Jamfest, Reggae on the River, The Trinity River Jamboree, The Bay Area Vibez Festival, The One Love One Heart Reggae festival, The Northwest World Reggae Fest, The Sierra Nevada World Music Festival, The Seattle International Reggae Festival, Reggae in the Desert in Las Vegas, The Wild Mountain Fair, The Pitzer Reggae Festival and The World One Festival in El Cerrito, CA as well as also performing on most of the major European festivals.

November 2017 the Reggae Angels toured the US co- billing with the Abyssinians. In September / October 2016 they toured backed by Sly and Robbie and the Taxi Gang. That was their third US tour being backed by the Rhythm Twins. The Reggae Angels have toured the US, Hawaii, Canada, South America, Europe and Africa. They have done many national and international tours opening and co-billing with conscious Jamaican roots reggae acts such as Mykal Rose, Sly & Robbie, Prezident Brown, Andrew Tosh, Everton Blender, Don Carlos, Anthony B, Junior Reid, The Abyssinians, Sugar Minott, Warrior King and Frankie Paul as well as touring on their own.

The Reggae Angels live performance is well established from years of performing big shows in diverse places on the front lines. They do dynamic high-energy rocking with a happy, uplifting sound. Their musicians are world class and their message speaks of God conscious, God centric living. For more information check their website at – www.reggaeangels.com


Currently based in the San Francisco, CA East Bay, the Reggae Angels have been touring for more than two decades in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Hawaii, and Canada. They are well loved and respected. They have co-billed and toured with many top international reggae artists such as Don Carlos, Sly and Robbie and the Taxi Gang, Anthony B, Perfect, Richie Spice, Horace Andy, Michael Rose, Big Youth, The Abyssinians, Edi Fitzroy, Lutan Fyah, Carlton & The Shoes, Clinton Fearon, Everton Blender, Sugar Minott, Andrew Tosh, Prezident Brown, Shinehead, Junior Reid and Frankie Paul as well as touring on thier own.

The lead vocalist Fenton Wardle started performing for the public at the age of twelve playing his accordion in the streets in San Francisco. In 1982 he fronted his first reggae band called Ily in New Hampshire where he attended Dartmouth College and graduated in 1984. In 1986 he helped form a band on the West Coast called The Chosen Few. In 1989 the band re-grouped and went by the name The Elevations. Fenton sang lead and harmony vocals and played keyboards. With the Elevations, he produced two albums – Jah Guideand Good Judgment. In 1992 Fenton started the Reggae Angels.

The Reggae Angels have one of the most extensive discographies of any American based Reggae acts. Altogether Fenton has produced fourteen albums. Guard the Honor, Truth and Conviction, Spirit, Signs and Wonders, Which Road Will You Choose, Live Positive, Come To Jah, A Heart With Love, Balance, Make Blessings, Prophetic Mission, Turn on the Light, The Way and Rely On Him. Augustus Pablo is featured playing melodica and synthesizer on the earlier works adding his melodious far eastern sound and now on the latest album Rely On Him Addis Pablo, Augustus Pablo’s son, is featured on melodica. The early mixing was done in Jamaica with top engineers including Sylvan Morris, David Rowe, Soljie, Dr. Marshall and Hugh Palmer. Scientist mixed the next four albums in Los Angeles and in the San Francisco Bay Area. The latest albums – Balance, A Heart With Love, Make Blessings, Prophetic Mission, Turn on the Light, The Way and Rely On Him – were mixed at the Lion and Fox recording studios, in Washington DC by Jim Fox.

Their latest two albums The Way and Rely On Him feature Sly and Robbie and the Taxi Gang. These albums are both double CD’s that include dub CD’s – Fox Dubs the Taxi Gang. The Reggae Angels currently do most of their recording in their own studio in Oakland, CA called the Workshop.

Fans of reggae know the Reggae Angels deliver high-energy performances with a happy, uplifting sound and a God conscious message. The message is universal and the musicians are world class. The lyrics contain spiritual insights and teachings. All different ages and kinds of people love and appreciate the Reggae Angels, especially the spiritually inclined. Their focus is on clarifying the message of the prophets – prophetic knowledge – sincere advice and prayers towards knowing the creator and living in balance, love and harmony with the people and the world around us. Their music is spiritual upliftment and reminders for the people..

Keznamdi“My music is a message and everyone of my song dem have a purpose. You need fi just sit back and relax or stand up and jam…whatever you are moved to do (he chuckles). Just tek a listen and experience it for yourself and more important than anything else, digest my message.” explains Keznamdi.

This artist is positioned to reach the world’s stage with his eclectic blend of melodies and conscious, positive lyrics. Keznamdi’s music has also been influenced by musical icons such as Stephen Marley, Damian Marley and Chakula, the internationally known Reggae group who his parents are lead singers of. Keznamdi spent his early years touring the world and recording on their 10 albums in the recording studio located in his home, buried in the lush hills surrounding Kingston, Jamaica.

“This is not a choice or hobby for me, Music chose me. It’s a way of life and the only thing I have ever known,” explains a passionate Keznamdi, describing why his path has already been carved out in stone. With a guitar always in hand and golden locks on his head, Keznamdi’s music is just as captivating as his image. His personality and sense of humor on stage is an immediate magnet for people of all cultures. Look for Keznamdi to introduce himself to music fans with a tour across the USA and in Jamaica over the next year. Performances are being scheduled to support the release of his new EP, and even a few festival performances are on tap for this amazing artist this summer. Keznamdi is an artist to look out for in the years to come.

DavidoDavido, is a Nigerian singer, songwriter and record producer. His 2011 single “Dami Duro” was well-received throughout Nigeria. Along with his elder brother Adewale Adeleke, Davido is the co-owner of HKN Music (a record label home to Sina Rambo, B. Red and DeeKay). He has produced songs for Naeto CSkalesTiwa Savage and Sauce Kid. In April 2012, he signed an endorsement deal with MTN Nigeria.On October 23, 2013, Davido partnered with Guinness Nigeria for the “Guinness World of More” concert.

Born in AtlantaGeorgia, Davido relocated to Lagos at a young age. His debut album Omo Baba Olowo, released in 2012, was initiated by the bringing out of singles “Back When” featuring Naeto C, “Dami Duro”, “All of You”, “Overseas” featuring Sina Rambo, “Ekuro”, “Gbon Gbon” and “Feel Alright” featuring Ice Prince. Between 2013 and 2015, Davido released the singles “Gobe“, “One of a Kind”, “Skelewu“, “Aye“, “Tchelete (Goodlife)” featuring Mafikizolo, “Naughty” featuring DJ Arafat, “Owo Ni Koko”, “The Sound” and “The Money” featuring Olamide. The aforementioned singles were reportedly intended to be singles off the album, The Baddest.

In January 2016, Davido announced via Twitter that he signed a record deal with Sony Music. His announcement was met with mixed reactions. The record label put out a press release to confirm the deal. Davido started his own label, Davido Music Worldwide (DMW), few months after signing with Sony. Dremo and Mayorkun are currently signed to the label. In July 2016, Davido signed a record deal with Sony’s RCA Records.